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About the Piece

Acrylic on Canvas, 36”x48”, 2015

Artist Statement

A successful painting confronts the viewer with problems and questions.  I create abstractions that aim to raise these questions.  When I am painting I search for color combinations, variations of marks, and calligraphic forms that beg for further attention.

The process of drawing feeds my canvas work and resonates with the flatness of paint

on surface.  I work in layers.  Often a thinly applied layer of transparent paint sets the starting point to be built upon.  I work in a frenetic and ephemeral manner where each stroke of the brush or implementation of a tool leads to the next decision.  Working this way creates a situation where each image influences the next as well.

No painting is exactly the same but more so a sister, brother, or cousin part of this ever expanding family of images with their own problems or question to be attended too.  In my recent work I’ve been exploring colored grounds, two sided paintings and imagined landscapes where the direct, responsive and specific marks battle across the primed canvas.

About the Artist: Seamus Kolb

Seamus Kolb is an artist currently working in Rochester, MN. With a Bachelor’s in Visual Arts and Geography from University of North Dakota, Seamus paints map-like abstractions. He has displayed work in a solo show in Grand Forks, ND and a handful of group shows in the Midwest. “Lascaux” was awarded best in show at the Meyer’s Gallery, Grand Forks, ND in 2014. You can visit more of his work at Dwell Local in Rochester, C4’s Creative Salon, or at

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