People are Animals

About The Piece

11″ x 8.5″

“People are Animals” is a vector design, print


ARTIST: EeZz Wonder

Volcano Wonder #ERUPT series is focused on helping people with anxiety and depression. EeZz Wonder wants to boost his YouTube channel (guided meditation, ASMR, speed at and vlogs) and start up a Twitch (with live grime artwork and DJ). With his online platform boosted he will design unique clothing vector designs and innovative “vaporwave” styled clothing to go into the underground style and AESTHETICS. With his reach he hopes to help give clothes to people primarily in hospitals in group homes. Please follow him on all social media till he gets his website launched @VolcanoWonder #ERUPT

FOR SALE: $10, print

contact artist:  volcanowonder@gmail.com



October 16, 2017 5:22 pm


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