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For Artists

Interested in displaying your art at Café Steam? Then you’ve come to the right place.  Here’s how to make that happen.


  • Fill out this application, pdf it or take a picture of it, and email it to
  • Each rectangle is roughly four (4) feet x four (4) feet but the horizontal dimension varies a bit.
  • You can fill as much of rectangle as you like.
  • Nothing can be permanently mounted to the pipes or shelves…sorry, they were a pain to get up there and we don’t want to be replacing shelves or pipes.
  • Weight within your rectangle should be less than 30 pounds.
  • Using the space below, we like to see a concept, description, or picture of what you’d like to put in your rectangle. The main purpose of this preview is to verify that the content is aligned with the themes of the coffee shop; one of which is that it is kid friendly.
  • During the display period, your rectangle’s location may be changed at the prerogative of Café Steam.
  • You may offer your content for sale but no price tags shall be shown; we will provide a website for a brief biography about you, a description of the content, and, if for sale, the price.
  • The period for display is 30 days. At the end of that period you will be contacted by the art coordinator from Café Steam to collect the work.


Legal clauses

  • 315 Coffee LLC dba Café Steam will not be responsible, financially or otherwise, for any damage that might occur to the rectangle’s content (your art).
  • 315 Coffee LLC dba Café Steam reserves the right to remove and return your content to you at any time.
  • 315 Coffee LLC dba Café Steam reserves the right to display a picture or any other description of your rectangle’s content on our websites.


After approval

  • You can come in the morning before 8am to drop off your work.
  • Please provide the information needed so that the website can be updated and your work available for those searching Art@Steam.
  • Please contact Café Steam if you wish to change the content during the month.


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